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What people say about us

Coming from an academic background, Refdash helped fill me in on what companies are looking for in SE interviews. They gave good personalized advice and guidelines to follow when tackling technical questions that you otherwise wouldn't get from actual interviewers.

RONALD DESMOND - student at Berkeley

Refdash was really helpful in preparing for technical interviews. The interviewer simulated a real interviewing environment without all of the pressure and gave constructive feedback that I took into account for my actual onsite interviews.

KYLE KWONG - hired by Lob

My practice interview with Refdash was a thoroughly positive experience. My interviewer presented me with great interview questions that really made me think, but what really made it invaluable was having him share years of experience through his feedback. I've taken his advice to heart, and I'm very grateful I had the chance to become better prepared for all my future tech interviews.

FRANCISCO RIVERA - hired by Twitter

After the interview was up, my interviewer gave lots of helpful feedback and asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him about his work and he told me about his desire to reform the recruiting process at tech companies and work towards eliminating certain bias that exists. Being a women in tech, this spoke to me, and the initiatives that Refdash is involved with are inspirational to me.

ANIKA RAGHUVANSHI - Student at Stanford

Refdash had professional interviewers, hard questions and real feedback, which was very likely a determining factor in getting the offers.

AARON PRINDLE - hired by Google

Refdash is a great platform - it gives you a sense of what to expect in an interview and improves you as a coder. The interviewer was very experienced, knew what companies look for and gave me a very pointed feedback.


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