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What some of our recent users have to say

After the interview was up, my interviewer gave lots of helpful feedback and asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him about his work and he told me about his desire to reform the recruiting process at tech companies and work towards eliminating certain bias that exists. Being a women in tech, this spoke to me, and the initiatives that Refdash is involved with are inspirational to me.

ANIKA RAGHUVANSHI - student at Stanford

Refdash was by far one of the most instrumental resources I had throughout my most recent job search. They were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to help me improve my performance. The Refdash interview feedback goes into great detail to highlight strengths and areas that need improvement. After incorporating this feedback and improving my interview skills, I was able to secure multiple strong offers from top companies. For anyone preparing for challenging technical interviews at top tech companies, Refdash is an absolute must.

ROHAN AGRAWAL - hired by Lyft

Refdash’s interview feedback showed me what was going through an interviewer's mind. Using the feedback from my sessions, I fixed the errors I was making. I interviewed for an engineering intern role at Google, and broke an internal record with the fastest interview acceptance to host match, a single day. Internal teams were reaching out to me before my recruiter could even tell me that I had passed my interview.

MUJAVID BUKHARI - internship at Google

Refdash not only helped me prepare well for the technical interviews with tons of helpful advices but also gave me the support in my darkest time of job searching. Thanks to Refdash’s helpful tips, I have the confidence and knowledge to get full-time offers in big tech companies like Amazon, Yahoo. The enthusiasm of Refdash team is beyond my expectation. I would highly recommend Refdash to everyone who wants to find a good job in the tech industries.

SIM KIEU - hired by Yahoo

My Refdash experience has been extremely positive. The interviewers gave plenty of constructive feedback, the company matching process has been smooth, and I've received a lot of gratuitous personalized advice for my tech career. As someone who doesn't come from a top tier university and hasn't worked for big name companies, I'm incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I would never have been exposed to.

ROBIN PHAM - working at Top Hat Monocle

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