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We're a small team building the best hiring experience for engineers

What we're about

Imagine a world where doing what you love matters more than presenting yourself. We want to help build that world by allowing people to present their knowledge and abilities in the most efficient way.

Our Values

Engineers come first

We have designed a process that centers around engineers to provide the simplest, most transparent, and least stressful way to apply for jobs.


We hate superficial and meaningless feedback. Every interview at Refdash comes with detailed feedback broken down into meaningful categories.


We don't care about how people look on paper. We believe in a scientific approach to interviews.

Our Team


Ana Siljkovic

Operations Program Manager

After graduating from Belgrade University in Serbia, Ana dove into business development as a member of a 4-person startup that she helped grow into a 30-people company. She loves dogs and helping people fulfill their potential.


Andy Kearney


After graduating from Harvey Mudd College, Andy dove into the startup world with Room 77. When it was acquired, he worked on the frontend for local search in Google. He is a video game enthusiast, enjoys playing frisbee and rock climbing.


Nikola Otasevic


Nikola graduated from MIT. Following the Room 77 acquisition, he worked on developing ranking algorithms for local search in Google. Nikola played water polo at MIT and loves all kinds of sports including skiing, tennis, and basketball.


Emil Ajduk

Product and Design

Emil has extensive experience designing and building great products. He has worked at several startups and helped them grow from 5-person teams to big companies. He loves basketball and listening to his vinyl collection.

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