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What is Refdash?

We help you find a job at the best company for you. Refdash is a platform where you interview at one place and we use that information to refer you to companies that are a good match for you and fast-track you through their hiring processes.

Why should I apply through Refdash?

Besides fast-tracking we also give you guidance throughout the process, from interview prep, company discovery, all the way through thinking about different offers you end up getting. We're software engineers with a breadth of experience across many companies. We want to make sure that you find the best fit for you.

What degree of control do I have over the sharing of my interview score?

The interview data is only ever shown anonymously to companies, even if you apply to a company with it. Only when the candidate and company agree to do an onsite are names revealed.

What does the interviewer know about me?

The interviewer is shown your first name, so you two can refer to each other by name. We don't reveal any other information in an attempt to reduce bias.

How do I sign up?

Just go to Refdash and sign in with your favorite login method. After a quick signup, you will immediately be able to schedule an interview. If you want, you can also add your resume and other profile details.

What is the process like?

You set times when you are available for the interview. We match you with the right interviewer based on your skills and interests. The interviewer gives you feedback to help you master the skills you need. We then let you select companies that you are interested in, or you can get invites from companies that are interested in you, completely anonymously. If matched, we fast track you through their hiring process.

What type of interviews do you do?

The interview is aligned to a candidate's interest. Interview questions get tailored to a candidate and test candidate’s coding, algorithms and system design abilities.

How does the interview look like?

The interview is done through an online video conference with tools inbuilt to help test your skills. One of our experienced interviewers will spend about an hour with you solving technical questions and give you a detailed feedback on the things that you did well and suggest ways to improve.

What if I don't do well on the interview?

We will connect you with companies only if you want that and if you do well enough such that we think you have a good chance of clearing their interviews. In case you didn't do well, we'll provide you with relevant tips and suggestions which areas to work on. We encourage candidates to keep honing and improve their skills and come back for another interview in 6 months. In other words, there are no downsides to doing an interview.

How do I cancel or reschedule the interview?

You can cancel the interview from your dashboard. You can do that at any point if the interview is not scheduled. If your interview is scheduled, you can cancel it up to 22 hours before the set time or up to 2 hours from when you scheduled it. If you want to reschedule the interview, simply cancel the existing one and schedule at any time that works better for you.

How long will it take to hear back from companies?

It usually takes around a week to hear back from companies. You can expect an email response within a week of applying, and you will also be able to see the status of the application on your dashboard. If you have any questions in the interim, reach out to us on info@refdash.com.

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