Are you excited about interviewing?

Or about changing the process around it.


At Refdash, we love problem solving, puzzles, and interviews. The current hiring process is broken for everyone. It's stressful and inefficient. We believe there is a better way to interview and we're determined to build it.

Designing new interviewing experience


Currently, candidates don't receive any feedback from interviews. We believe honest feedback is the best way for candidates to improve.


Candidates waste an enormous amount of time in repetitive interviews. We can remove this waste and provide deeper and more efficient evaluation.

Stress free

Interviews should not be stressful for candidates and they certainly don't make sense in an industry that prides itself on being laid-back.

Bias free objective assesment

We don't care about the look on paper. We believe in the scientific approach to interviews - look for evidence that disproves your initial hypothesis.



Get paid for each interview you do.


Additional gifts for frequent interviewers.


Group outings and discussions.

What you should expect when you sign up

We have designed a process to make sure that
the enthusiasm and quality of our group remains high.


You will have an introductory interview, a conversation about your interview questions, interview experience and what you typically look for in an interview.


You will be evaluated by a group of interviewers. Depending on the result you will be allowed to proceeed to next step.

Shadow someone

You will sit in on an interview and discuss it with the interviewer.

Start interviewing

At this point, you will begin interviewing. Someone will sit in on your first interview and discuss it with you.

We're excited that you decided to join our group!

Become an interviewer

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or you just want to say hi, please email us at We would love to hear from you.

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